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When you own a Shakeewrap restaurant, YOU become a member of our family. You’re getting ready to become part of a great restaurant chain and you’ll get the support and experience that comes with it. Being a part of us will let you share your dream of running a food chain that keeps customers glued back for scrumptious food and quality services.

Shakeewrap franchise possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and is committed to the growth of the business. If you are a team player, food enthusiast and a seeker of learning new skills then hurry and contact us today! We are now seeking partners to be a catalyst in our growth plans.

Be the boss of your own business. We are offering an opportunity to become a part of our SHAKEEWRAP FAMILY, a newly established food and beverage brand. Investments Start from 5 to 50 lakhs. Our Services include:

Staff Recruitment & Training

Under Staff Recruitment & Training, we strive to provide mandatory work knowledge for our employees to follow. Our foremost priority is customer satisfaction that can only happen through proper staff coding and coordination. We train the staff for required on-site skills and our recruitment process is unbiased and fair.

Digital Marketing

In the world of social media, we use a digital marketing strategy that helps us achieve our goals and create customer reach by a smart selection of online marketing channels. 
For business growth and awareness of the market competency, it is a mandated step for us to keep a track of all online marketing trends.

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Location Finding

The location of your business is a prerequisite for its setup and highly influences its success. While choosing a perfect location, considering the environment and surrounding areas is important. A perfect location means that the purpose of your business is secured with the customer’s knowledge about your upcoming business. Finding a perfect location is easy when the areas in consideration are popular among the potential audience and reach is convenient. The ROI is high and the market is well-read.



We are offering Account and Audit Service. A team of dexterous personnel works in close coordination with our patrons to impart these services as per their needs. Provided services are largely valued amid our patrons for their on-time execution. Given the growing complexity of cross-organizational settings, manual approaches to information procurement are reaching their limits. A considerable portion of the information required is often stored by service providers using software that is inaccessible to auditors.

Authentic Recipes

Our recipes are authentic and specially crafted. We make our own recipes for a delightful and cheerful food experience. We make sure that all the ingredients are fresh and appropriate. The customized recipes are hearty and mouthwatering. Recipes are designed professionally for chefs to inculcate and present the best dishes to our customers.

Top-Notch Services

It doesn’t matter how fabulous your restaurant looks or how delicious the food is, if the service isn’t good, customers are not likely to return thus having a reliable staff to handle any issues that arise, whether you’re there or not as a restaurant owner is an essential need. Following a procedure for handling customer complaints is a must. Demonstrating good customer service through discounts, promotions, and other low-cost initiatives lead to customer chain formations. We value our customer and thus we provide all types of services that are according to customer requirements.

Quality Food

Food quality is at the top of our priority list. We believe in the concept of ‘fresh is healthy’. To ensure the quality of our food we follow daily stocking of our essential and fragile ingredients. Food security is a must for the health of our valuable customers and we are never up to take any risks in the food quality. 

Operation Management

We use Operational strategies to reach our objectives. By developing operational strategies, we examine and implement effective and efficient systems for using resources, personnel and during the work process. We Use the latest technology for our on counter cash records and digitalized billing methods to keep and maintain a check on sales. 

Operation Management

Kitchen setup and interior work

We provide Modular Kitchen setups and Interior Designing for our Chefs. We use the Test Kitchen technique that is an integration tool for developing and testing infrastructure code in order to learn how to install and setup the Kitchen for developing infrastructure. Our Interiors offer the best quality services and products for our valuable clients.

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